Orange Syrup & Coconut Tart

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Sometimes, in the deepest and darkest tenements of the night, hope-addled dreams of half remembered losses and haunting agonies stab my sleep. Invariably, these narrow and twisted nights devolve into very early mornings drowned with cold and damp. Mornings where our malignant twilight conceals tenuous recollections and a grim, haloed darkness creeping along the cobbled subways of my heart. It is then, naked in the light of day, that I turn to this recipe: a piercing balm for restless souls and cancerous hearts, all shrouded in echoing silence.

My adoration for citrus fruit, particularly oranges, clementines and lemons, stretch down unbroken into the deepest basement levels of my memory. Some of my earliest citrus recollections revolve around my maternal grandfather, Oupa Piet (Gramps Pete), and his inordinate fondness for Lemoenbrood (orange tea loaf). As exceedingly devout and conservative as he was, he would’ve merrily bartered his soul for a well…

Roasted Desiccated Coconut